March 20, 2013

Hi, I’m Buddy Black of Buddy Black and the Midnight Society,

Recently, I had the pleasure of producing an EP for a couple of really swell gents from a band called Wood Butcher. The EP is named "Glue Factory" and it would mean a lot to me if you checked it out. Not only is it my first time producing a record, but, truth be told, I’m very, very proud of it.

So please, go ahead and check it out, and while you’re there give my love to Jaws, Steve and the rest of the cats from Woodbutcher.

God bless,

- - Buddy

 May 21, 2012


Trade my shame, O Lord, for a jagged stone;
For will I die of starvation before I again eat rotten fruit.
To hell with my fathers and their barbarous deeds;
Their fumblings through the desert, their short-sighted voracity.
Their thick, stubby hands are not my hands,
I do not share their desires, their beliefs, or their fate.
I am but a fertile seed fell from the tree of life.
Burry me so deep Lord, that my mind surrenders, my senses fail,
and I am pure once again.

May 4th 2012
Feather Your Heart With a Rose
Buddy Black

Our love is a poem that leapt off of the page
and was written before we was born;
The names have been changed but the story’s the same
but for some reason we haven’t learned

I chased you for hours down warm one way streets
‘till I feathered my hunt with a kiss -
and we stayed up all night making fires for the moon
then we swallowed the ashes with wine.

I bought you a rose, and you wrote me song
full of masculine rhymes and clichés;
We found us a stone and we carved us a wheel
and we painted our names on the top.

But I looked in your eyes and I wrote you a poem
full of masculine rhymes and clichés
and it leapt off the page and it gave you a rose
that you swallowed with feathers and wine.

Our names had been changed long before we were born
But a rose, is a rose, is a rose
I will carve you again, I will kiss you again
I will make you a fire on the street.

I will feather your heart with a rose.

I will kiss you again, by the light of the moon;
I will feather your heart with a rose.